The researchers on the icebreaker

Icebreaker Oden has left the harbour and the expedition to the Arctic has begun

Following eight days in quarantine in separate hotel rooms in Malmö, the researchers have now boarded the icebreaker Oden that will be their home for the next two months. The goal for the expedition is the Arctic where the researchers will study the carbon and ecosystem to gain a better understanding of how the Arctic Ocean reacts to climate changes and how chemical and biological disruptions in one region can spread to another.

Having left Helsingborg harbor, the researchers have now made themselves at home on Oden. After unpacking their luggage in their cabins, focus was on security. The researchers have been trained in safety equipment and also practiced evacuating the ship using the lifeboats. The safety practice of the first day was concluded with a test flight of the helicopter onboard.

“On our way to the Arctic we can encounter 2–3 meter waves and since Oden is an icebreaker it can become quite rough on the open sea. Much of our equipment consists of expensive instruments and we do not want to risk, for instance, a damaged microscope because of rough sea”, says Janina Rahlff, one of the researchers onboard the ship.

Icebreaker Oden
The icebreaker Oden has left the harbour.