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Linnaeus University’s summer courses number three in Sweden in terms of number of applicants

On the final application day for summer courses 2021, 15 March, Linnaeus University had received 18,775 applications. That is a 15 percent increase compared to last year and means that Linnaeus University’s summer courses are number three in Sweden in 2021 in terms of number of applicants.

The increase in actual numbers was 2,410 more applicants in total; from 16,365 for 2020 to 18,775 applicants for 2021. Compared to last year, the number of applicants with Linnaeus University as their first choice also increased, by 10 percent, from 6,798 to 7,493.

The total number of applicants for all Swedish higher education institutions for summer 2021 is 64,708. Almost twice the number of applicants
(46 percent increase) compared to 2020. This means that the trend with a great increase to the number of applicants from last year, when the number of applicants increased by 22 percent, continues.

“The fact that the number of applicants continues to increase is primarily a result of the special situation that we are in. The labour market continues to be uncertain, which means that it is also difficult to get a summer job. This results in more people, primarily young adults, applying for summer courses instead”, says Peter Citron, section manager at Linnaeus University’s Office of Student Affairs.

The number of courses on offer has also increased a lot this year, from about 600 last year to 700 this year, which also contributes to the increase in number of applicants. Many of the big higher education institutions have greatly increased the number of courses they offer; for instance, Stockholm University and Linköping University.

Linnaeus University has not increased the number of courses offered, but still shows a steady increase in the number of applicants to its summer courses.

“That we continue to be one of the most applied-for higher education institutions for summer courses is very pleasing and shows that we offer a broad selection of courses and that we are a higher education institution that attracts many applicants”, says Maja Rudhe, section manager for Linnaeus University’s student recruitment.

TOP 5 – The most applied-for summer courses at Linnaeus University 2021
Course name                                   First choice        Total

Creative writing I                                828                     2,951

Starting out with Java                        354                     1,750

Web management                             369                     1,617

To read and write poetry                    382                     1,508

Writing children’s literature                 467                     1,503

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