H.K.H Kronprinsessan Victoria, Göran Nikolausson, Prins Daniel mfl

Linnaeus University on Royal Palace visit

This week, Göran Nikolausson, lecturer at the Department of Music and Art at Linnaeus University, has taken part at a seminar at the Royal Palace to highlight how important music is for the wellbeing of children and young people.

On Tuesday 30 November, the seminar The significance of music and movement for the mental wellbeing of young people was held at the Royal Palace. The seminar was arranged by the Crown Princess Couple’s foundation in collaboration with Tim Bergling Foundation, Mind, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, with support from Crown Princess Victoria’s Foundation for Scientific Research and Training. Invited to the seminar were various representatives from the trade and industry, non-profit organisations, and the music industry.

The purpose of the day was to raise the question of increased mental illness among children and young people and to highlight how music and movement can have a positive effect on the mental wellbeing of young people.

Victoria, Göran and Daniel

Göran Nikolausson, lecturer at the Department of Music and Art at Linnaeus University and one of the founders of the network Make Music Matter! was invited to talk, together with Charlotta Kamstedt, operational manager for Tim Bergling Foundation, about Make Music Matter! STORIES#ForABetterDay – a school project with focus on music, creativity and digital technology, the aim of which is to use music as a point of departure to create wellbeing and belief in the future among children and young people. With them, they also had Mose Grafström and Ofelia Spiro, two pupils from year 8 at the Gillbo-Gröndal school in Rotebro, the music teacher of which, Ann-Sofie Levén, has contributed greatly to the project. The Gillbo-Gröndal school has come a long way in this school project that now has about 360 registered schools spread across the country, from the north to the south.

Charlotta Kamstedt from Tim Bergling Foundation in conversation with Mose Grafström and Ofelia Spiro from the Gillbo school, Göran Nikolausson and Sara Dawn Finer. Photo Jonas Borg
Everyone who was invited to the seminar “The significance of music and movement for the mental wellbeing of young people” at the Royal Palace on 30 November. Photo: Jonas Borg

Other participants at the seminar at the Royal Palace were, among others, Eva Bojner Horwitz, professor of music and health at Royal College of Music, Staffan Scheja, professor and concert pianist KMH, Timbuktu, artist, Karolina Klüft, PEP Generation, and Anders Hansen, psychologist and lecturer. Moderator was Sarah Dawn Finer.

Make Music Matter! STORIES #ForABetterDay is a unique collaboration between Make Musik Matter!, Linnaeus university, Tim Bergling Foundation, and the Foundation Signatur. The project started in autumn 2021 and will go on until 2022. It is a school project with great focus on music, creativity, digital technology, and wellbeing. The project also deals with the world artist Avicii’s history, and the pupils get to work with Avicii’s music in their own productions.