Mirko D'Angelo

New doctoral thesis on how to engineer intelligent, AI-based systems

The use of artificial intelligence to realize intelligent systems is one of the main key research areas in computer science. The core of Mirko D’Angelo’s doctoral thesis deals with how to build complex, autonomous, and distributed software systems.

Mirko D’Angelo presented his doctoral thesis in computer science on 28 May 2021. The thesis contributes to the challenge of how to engineer intelligent, AI-based systems.

“We identified different building blocks that a software engineer shall consider when building these systems. In particular, the thesis investigates the use of machine learning methods and analyzes how to bring these techniques to the core of an autonomous software solution. The work leverages both a methodological framework and a tool to take into consideration the multiple aspects characterizing complex software systems”, says Mirko D’Angelo.

His findings in the thesis can be used by practitioners implementing distributed software solutions to reason on the nature of the system they are building.

“I think that every software solution ultimately impacts every ‘ordinary’ person. Having contributed to the field of autonomous systems, I think that the long-term impact of works like mine will be huge in the society we live. I think that the task of a researcher is to build systems that contribute to society and make life easier for everyone. Working with autonomous systems, we have the chance to fulfill this vision”, says Mirko D’Angelo.

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