Mentorprogrammet 2021 vid Linnéuniversitetet

Another successful year for the mentor programme

On 5 May, this year's concluding meeting was held for the participants on the mentor programme. This year, some 60 pairs of students and mentors participated with a successful result. The application period for the mentor programme 2021–2022 has now opened (May 20th).

The purpose of the mentor programme is to strengthen the students' conditions for future careers and working life and, at the same time, give the mentors the opportunity to contribute to this process and meet the employees of the future. On the mentor programme, students are paired with mentors who are active in various roles in professional life. This year, some 60 pairs participated who have helped each other develop during the course of the programme.

As a student, you invest some of your time and in return you get to take part of your mentor’s experience and networks that can be valuable in your continued studies and in your future professional life. Since the mentor programme focuses on offering students extra preparation for working life, priority is given to students who have reached a later stage of their studies.

The mentor programme consists of the three specialisations: leadership, IT, and a slightly more general specialisation that is open to all students. Sanja Janevska is studying the master's programme in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social change, and has participated on the mentor programme with focus on leadership.

- I applied to the mentor programme because I wanted to expand my network of contacts and also build on my skills and knowledge. In addition, I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and prepare myself for a professional career, says Sanja Janevska.

Before entering the mentor programme as a student, Sanja says that it is important to have an idea of ​​what you want to work with in the future.

- This will help you and your mentor to navigate through the discussions to make sure that you get the most out of the programme. As a student, it is important to be curious, listen, ask questions, and be willing to learn from experienced and established mentors, Janevska continues.

Tommy Lindström is project manager for Energikontor Sydost AB and has been Sanja's mentor during the year.

- It has been great fun to be part of the mentor programme. International students often bring new perspectives on Sweden and on how we work, which is developing to take part of. It has been rewarding to offer good advice that can be useful for the student in the future, while at the same time I have gained an insight into how new generations view problem-solving, Tommy Lindström concludes.

Registration for the mentor programme 2021–2022 has now opened (May 20th).