Cherry blossoms

Refrain from taking part in Walpurgis Night party – for your own and everyone else’s sake!

All Walpurgis Night bonfires have been cancelled also this year. This is not the time to party and celebrate Walpurgis Night since the spread of covid-19 is increasing throughout society.

Since a few days back, Kalmar County has introduced stricter recommendations, since the county is experiencing one of the highest levels of spread of covid-19 in the country. Increasing numbers of young people are also being treated at hospital with severe covid-19.

Kronoberg County is also experiencing a high level of spread of covid-19 at the time being. Therefore, the region has issued stricter recommendations that you should limit your contacts and only meet other people outdoors.

In Kalmar County, stricter recommendations apply until 16 May.

  • Limit your social contacts. This means that you should not meet anyone other than those you live with, beyond what is necessary at school or at the workplace.
  • Do not organise or participate in events or activities where people gather, such as dinners and parties.
  • Do not exercise indoors together with other adults.
  • If there is an outbreak of covid-19 at your workplace you should avoid spending time in society as much as possible for as long as the outbreak lasts.

We have said it before, but we will make it through this if we all contribute and help each other. Things will improve. We just need to hold out and be strong for a little while longer before we can all return to a more normal everyday life.