Stefan Gössling

Stefan Gössling on Reuters’s ranking list of the foremost climate researchers in the world

The Reuters Hot List ranks researchers who are considered to make the largest impact on the climate change debate. Professor Stefan Gössling is one of ten Swedish researchers on the top 1,000 list of the world’s most influential climate researchers, he occupies place 365 on the list.

The list is based on how many climate-related articles each researcher has published, how often these articles have been cited by other researchers within the same field, and how often the articles are referenced in newspapers and social media.

Stefan Gössling is professor of tourism studies at Linnaeus University and during the last year he has published a number of articles that have drawn a lot of attention, among other things about the aviation industry with its huge environmental impact must make a transition and about as little as one percent of all air travelers account for half of all emissions from the aviation industry.

Since 2012, Stefan Gössling has published 133 articles which combined have generated over 7,400 citations via platforms like, for instance, Google and Scopus. A result which, when Reuters added up all factors (impact scores), landed Gössling in place 365 on the ranking list.

Reuters is a London-based news agency primarily focused on financial news.

Ten Swedish researchers on the list


182.                Chris K Folland, Gothenburg University
282.                Joacim Rocklöv, Umeå University
365.                Stefan Gössling, Linnaeus University
420.                David Torbjorn Emanuel Bastviken, Linköping University
429.                Martin T Sykes, Lund University
493.                Benjamin Smith, Lund University
496.                Deliang Chen, Gothenburg University
721.                Hjalmar Laudon, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
765.                Erik Kjellström, SMHI
908.                Georgia Destouni, Stockholm University