Image of Natasha Latif

Student at Linnaeus University receives the Global Swede award 2021!

Natasha Latif, a master’s student on the programme Leadership and Management in International context, is one of 25 international top students at Swedish universities who received the Global Swede award. The awarded students have excelled in areas linked to innovation and entrepreneurship and have proved to be good representatives of Sweden and their own countries.

Natasha, from Pakistan, is proud to have received the award.
“It feels like an international achievement and an accomplishment I could never even have dreamed of. To be recognised as an excellent student in innovation and creativity and to receive this award from the Swedish Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs is truly a matter of honour”, Natasha explains.

Natasha is also a holder of the Swedish Institute scholarship for Global Professionals

Global Professionals is a fully-funded international scholarship programme for master's studies in Sweden.

I always feel proud and delighted to say that I am a Swedish Institute scholarship holder from Pakistan. I have been fortunate to be selected for this scholarship. It gave me the chance to pursue academic excellence and establish professional networks within the Self-Leadership Training Programme through the Swedish Institute Network for Future Global Leaders. The scholarship also gave me the chance to experience Sweden's beautiful nature and culture.

The master’s programme Leadership and Management in International context offers a participative teaching style

My programme offers a highly analytical and reflective work nature and you acquire skills that are required for modern-day career aspects. What I find most interesting about it, is the participative teaching style. My programme coordinator, who also nominated me for the Global Swede Award 2021, has been supportive and encouraging for the entire duration of the programme. I would say that this programme truly helps the students express their freedom of opinion, build knowledge in many business areas, and develop professional skills.

The programme also gave me the chance to make lifelong friends. From a personal viewpoint, I found the environment of this programme to be very welcoming, as there were always people to support or guide you, in particular the coordinators, professors, and administrators. 

Natasha started studying in Sweden last autumn. When she arrived in Sweden, she got a buddy to help her settle in

Linnaeus University is a modern university with an international outlook, facilities, student bodies, and associations to help you. I received quite a lot of support from the Buddy Program. Within the Buddy Program, a buddy is assigned a newly-admitted student to guide him/her. I came to Sweden as an international student, and my buddy helped me with my initial settling in. Both International Office and the Career Counselling Office are very helpful in many ways as well.

The Global Swede award is not only an honour, Natasha thinks it also comes with responsibility

I would say that this award, besides being a prestigious recognition from Sweden, also comes with responsibility. I attended the Global Swede ceremony, and the way in which I received words of appreciation was a truly rewarding experience. It made me realise that I have a responsibility to create value for Sweden through practical endeavours and commitment.

I admire Sweden and think it is the most advanced, sustainable, and innovative country, and I would love to add value to this beautiful country, especially after receiving the award.