Study visit in Poland

Finally, after over a year of pandemic lock down and restrictions, the partners from Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, and Poland met in Gdansk in order to share their experiences on wellbeing tourism. Each project partner country engaged several companies from their regions to attend the study visit.

These companies offer such services as food and accommodation, forest bathing,   and other hospitality services. Among others, the Polish local businesses presented during the meetings work with ecological cosmetics with amber, scented pillows with various fillings of black wheat, cherry seeds, herbs mixed with amber.

The project participants had an opportunity to visit a bee farm and a lavender farm who offer a wellbeing tourism experience to their guests. The meeting finished with a joint meal cooking evening where everyone could share the impressions received during the day.  

The study visit enhanced the exchange of ideas, values and thoughts between the companies from the South Baltic region which will lead to the development of cooperation within the project field. Besides new knowledge and experiences, the partners got a lot of inspiration and eagerness to promote further the wellbeing values.

More information about the study visit can be found in the film: https://play.lnu.se/media/t/0_gisoleq5

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