Researchers and crew looking at a polar bear

The Arctic expedition has begun its sample-taking

The icebreaker Oden has now entered the pack ice northeast of Svalbard and initiated its research programme. After having experienced problems breaking through the ice and malfunctioning instruments, the researchers have now gotten started collecting samples of the ice.

The mist is thick over the zero degrees Celsius Arctic and the crew work together to keep an eye out for polar bears. Already on the first day, a polar bear came walking towards the researchers, not far away. The bear was more curious than wary and it might have come close enough to feel the smell of a potential meal.

From the boat

The chlorophyll levels in the water are low, which gives the water a very clear, blue colour. Also the sea ice has a magical blue colour. The researchers have been able to discern a green nuance at the bottom of the sea ice, where algae attach and grow when conditions are right. The biomass of the different layers of ice will be studied when the helicopter returns with the ice samples.

Polar bear