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Wanted: Companies in need of competence in interaction design

Linnaeus University is planning a Master programme in interaction design, starting in the autumn of 2023. To get a close link to industry and the future competence needs of companies, the university is now seeking collaboration with companies in the work of designing the programme.

The Interaction Designer programme has been given at Linnaeus University for many years. Here, interaction designers who understand, design and analyse the interaction between man and technology are educated.

Now it’s time to take the next step in the form of an education in interaction design at advanced level. In the work with this, the university is looking for companies that need competence in the field.

“We want the education we offer to have a close link to industry and the future competence needs at companies and organisations. We look forward to collaborate and jointly build this novel Master programme”, says Arianit Kurti, Associate Professor of computer science and project leader.

The goal is to develop the programme around three pillars:

  1. A design thinking mindset
  2. Technology as a design material
  3. User experience, as well as further elaborate on the concept of designer in residence

“These form a good foundation to customize our future education offer and operations, together with the needs and requirements in the industry and business sector”, says Arianit Kurti.

Behind the work on the new Master programme are teachers and researchers from the Department of Informatics and the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology. The vision is based partly on an increased interest from students, and partly on the feedback received in the network Kompetenssamverkan IT. The plan is to submit an application for funding the development work to the Knowledge Foundation's Avans call in January 2022.

More information

Do you and your company or organisation want to be involved in developing a new Master programme in interaction design? Contact Arianit Kurti or project coordinator Diana Unander.