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Wanted: Four industrial doctoral students with a focus on data-intensive applications

The industry graduate school Data Intensive Applications (DIA) is recruiting four new industrial doctoral students for our partner companies HL Design, Softwerk and Virtual Manufacturing. The posts are permeated by data-intensive methods such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

An industrial doctoral student at the industry graduate school Data Intensive Applications (DIA) is employed by a company and enrolled as a doctoral student at Linnaeus University. The company receives financial support from the Knowledge Foundation, which is the external funding organization that supports the graduate school. The doctoral student combines regular development work with a doctoral programme and receives support from a group of researchers at Linnaeus University as supervisors.

HL Design: Smarter campaigns for e-commerce (1 position)

WM3 Multishop is a concept created for companies and organizations that want to create networks of web shops that synchronize information at several levels. The information that is synchronized is everything from orders to products, customers, promotions, prices and stock balance. The network of web shops is developed through WM3 Multishop and its API integrated web shops, or through the implementation of scripts on external web shops that enable even greater upscaling and faster data collection.

The vision is that shared information can boost and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) support features that are known in e-commerce, but usually suffer from the so-called cold start problem: Big data needs to be collected first, before AI models can be trained and effectively exploited. With the novel multishop concept, similar shops can share their AI support and benefit from big data even if each individual shop only can collect a small amount of data.

Field of subject for the position: Computer science.

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Softwerk: Drive the AI revolution (1 position)

With the leverage of artificial intelligence, big data, data analytics, and machine learning we have a strong belief that we can create new values in our current and future projects. Softwerk is currently operating a big number of projects for customers all around Europe. Most of these are data intensive. Softwerk is setting up an AI group that will help, enhance and innovate in projects across the organization’s offering. The already existing group is looking for a new candidate.

The main field of study will be image recognition and processing. Tasks will include, but may not be limited to:

  • Evaluate and develop existing algorithms from a theoretical perspective
  • Specialize and customize algorithms together with product specialists and market domain experts
  • Participate in discussions to find new uses for AI/ML technologies in existing data-intensive projects

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Virtual Manufacturing: Virtual digital twin and digitalization of tools and methods for transforming to Industry 4.0 (2 positions)

The vision and goal for Virtual Manufacturing (VM) are to create a digital twin platform called Virtual Twin (VT). The base of the platform will be a digital twin of a factory or office. The VT platform will be used for improvement projects, maintenance, machine relocations, value stream mapping, tracking system, inventory control, monitoring and management of factories. Furthermore, the VT platform is expected to generate benefit for sales, site improvements, factories overview, product development, process development, management monitoring etc.

The VT will be connected to all kinds of systems and be the holder of information. The goal is also to make the daily work easier by creating methods and tools for digitalization in the transformation to Industry 4.0.

Field of subject for the position: Computer science or mechanical/industrial engineering (with software knowledge), or the equivalent.

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Other companies

Other companies involved in the industry graduate school DIA are Combitech, Scania, Sigma Technology, Sydved, and Volvo CE.

During spring, three more positions will open up for recruitment.