Daniel Nyberg

– I want to contribute with energy and an international outlook

Professor Daniel Nyberg is a renowned researcher in organization and leadership. He specializes in issues of sustainability, leadership and democracy. He will now become a visiting professor at the School of Economics - to further strengthen and deepen research and education within the faculty's areas of strength.

– My research has two overlapping orientations: how companies work with climate change and how companies affect democracies, says Daniel Nyberg. They overlap, because the political response to better climate policy is to strengthen democracy. My research is based on interviews with business leaders and politicians. I want to understand how their relationships affect society's views on climate change and national and international discussions and legislative proposals.

What background do you have?

– My doctoral dissertation is in organizational studies from Melbourne University in Australia. Before I moved to Melbourne, I studied mainly at Stockholm University, but I have some credits from Växjö University, as it was called then. I lived for a semester with a couple of friends out on Teleborg. I have been a professor of management at Newcastle University Business School in Australia since 2015.

How did you get in touch with Linnaeus University and why do you become a visiting professor with us?

– I am originally from Småland, more specifically Ljungby, so it felt natural to come "home" to Linnaeus University for research collaborations. I already know some of the employees here, and it is an exciting region to work in.

Facts – assignments

Professor Daniel Nyberg will:

  • as a research leader, contribute and develop the knowledge platform Leadership and Organizational Renewal
  • contribute to paper development workshops to promote internationalization and publication in scientific journals
  • act as a mentor to the leadership researchers
  • participate in applications for external research funding
  • contribute to the development of doctoral courses
  • add a wide network and many information channels about what is going on in the field of organizational research.

What are the plans with your guest professorship – what do you hope to contribute?

– My role is mainly to contribute with research leadership, both towards individual researchers and already established research groups and knowledge platforms. Above all, I hope to be able to contribute with positive energy and an international outlook. My colleagues at Linnaeus University work hard, so I hope to be able to support colleagues by facilitating collaborations and strengthening research at Linnaeus University. 

Unique profile

– Daniel Nyberg's publications are highly ranked and his unique profile meets what we are looking for, says Susanne Ackum, Dean of the School of Business and Economics. It feels inspiring that we have managed to hire a guest professor with super strong qualifications.


Daniel Nyberg
Mobile: +61 (0)475 894 693
Email: daniel.nyberg@newcastle.edu.au
Website: www.newcastle.edu.au/profile/daniel-nyberg