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SEK 18.5 million from Kamprad Family Foundation to four new research projects on mental health

The Kamprad Family Foundation has granted an additional SEK 18.5 million to four new research projects at Linnaeus University. All projects concern research on mental and physical health.

During the last year, the Kamprad Family Foundation has granted over SEK 50 million to different research projects at Linnaeus University. In early December 2022, the decision came on another SEK 18.5 million:

Elizabeth Hanson, professor at the Department of Health and Caring Sciences
SEK 4 600 000
In collaboration with Nationellt kompetenscentrum för anhöriga, the National Board on Health and Welfare, Region Kalmar County.
Canok at school: empowering and training school nurses to identify and support children as next of kin with mental illness: a training intervention for professionals

Anna Melin, associate professor at the Department of Sport Science
SEK 5 000 000
In collaboration with RF-SISU Småland and RF-SISU Skåne.
Girls are not small boys: om psykisk och fysisk hälsa, kognition och skolprestation [Girls are not small boys: on mental and physical health, cognition and school performance]

Mats Anderberg, senior lecturer at the Department of Social Work
SEK 3 100 000
In collaboration with Maria-mottagningarna in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö
Psykisk hälsa bland Maria-mottagningarnas ungdomar: långsiktiga utvecklingsbanor och personalens kompetensbehov
[Mental health among young people at Maria-mottagningarna: long-term development paths and the staff’s competence needs]

Mats Holmberg, adjunct teacher, Department of health and caring sciences
SEK 5 800 000
In collaboration with the Swedish Police Authority, Kronoberg County Council, Räddningstjänsten Värend, SOS Alarm, Region Kronoberg, and Region Sörmland
Utbildning i psykisk ohälsa för landsbygds- och glesbygdspoliser
[Training in mental illness for police officers in the countryside and sparsely populated areas]