The buddy porgram

Be a buddy for an international student

“The most exciting experience during my studies”.

“My English has improved a lot, which has boosted my confidence”.

“To think of all the fun I would’ve missed out on if I hadn’t been a buddy”.

These are the words of a few students who have participated in the Buddy programme. The Buddy programme is a collaboration between the Linnaeus Union, Linnaeus University, the student association at the School of Business and Economics, and the Erasmus student networks ESN Kalmar and ESN Växjö.

Each year, more than 1 000 international students come to Linnaeus University. Moving to another country to study takes a lot of adjusting. That’s why we have the Buddy programme, where Swedish and international students are matched up to promote integration.

The idea with the Buddy programme is to give international students a good start at Linnaeus University, while at the same time letting Swedish students get a taste of what the world has to offer – while staying local! As a buddy, you will help one or several students feel welcome at their new place of study – be it Kalmar or Växjö. Grab a coffee, go grocery shopping, or give a tour of the campus or the city. As a buddy, you’ll also be able to answer questions and give advice about student life. Remember that what’s routine for you is new to them!

5 reasons why you should become a buddy:

  • You’ll get new friends and new perspectives.
  • You’ll learn more about other countries and cultures.
  • You’ll improve existing language skills – and perhaps even learn a new language!
  • You’ll make new contacts, which may be useful in future studies or work abroad.

When you sign up to be a buddy, you may specify preferences, such as country, interests, gender etc.

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Want to know more before you sign up? Read more about the Buddy programme here, or visit the Linnaeus Union on Facebook.