Björn alumnus from Linnaeus University

Alumni story: Björn conducts research on intelligent systems

Björn is a former student at Linnaeus University. Today, he works as doctoral student at the Department of Mathematics at Linnaeus University and conducts research on intelligent systems.

“The best thing about engineering mathematics is that you gain a broad understanding of mathematics, advanced problem-solving skills, and cutting-edge knowledge within applications. I’m entirely convinced that this type of education is the optimal way for an engineering mathematician to become equipped for a more complicated and highly technological society in the future, in which mathematics will play an increasingly important role”, says Lindenberg.

Björn’s work varies over the year. It can, for instance, involve collecting knowledge and gaining understanding in order to solve or understand a specific problem.

“If the problem is a theoretical one, my job can, for instance, be to prove properties or theorems, but it can also involve developing frameworks for simulations, translating and implementing mathematics numerically, or developing and testing new algorithms. All this in a lovely mix of different subject fields within mathematics and program language. Teaching is also part of my work”, Lindenberg continues.

What he thinks is most exciting about his work is getting the opportunity to work on the very forefront of future technology.

 “My current job contains the ultimate mix of mathematics, application and skills development. The development within artificial intelligence has full speed ahead. The exponential higher performance and capacity of computers make it possible to do things that we could only dream about a couple of years ago”, Lindenberg explains.

During his time as a student at Linnaeus University, Björn appreciated the fact that there was focus on knowledge and understanding on the programme that he studied, and he says that the programme is perfect if you have an interest in mathematics and problem-solving.

“Many students may appreciate more traditional programmes, but the main thing for me was that the programme focused on knowledge and understanding. I think that the programme is perfect for those who have a general curiosity for mathematics, like to solve problems, and are fascinated by the application of mathematics in the natural sciences, technology and society in general”, Lindenberg concludes.