Erik alumnus from Linnaeus University

Alumni Story: Erik works as a teacher

Erik moved from Stockholm to Växjö to study the Teacher Education Programme for Upper Secondary School with specialisation in social sciences/history. Today, he works as a teacher at Finnveden’s Upper Secondary School in Värnamo.

“As a social sciences teacher, there is almost always something new to bring with me into the classroom and my teaching, which means I must stay updated on what happens in the world. I constantly learn new things as I have to read up on many different subject areas”, says Erik.

A normal day at work involves teaching and grading as well as planning and meetings. Quite some time is also dedicated to discussions on class content with his colleagues. During his studies, Erik acquired good subject skills that he has a lot of use for in his work today.

“I really enjoy teaching and it’s exciting to see how my pupils develop during their upper secondary school years, knowledge-wise and as individuals”, Erik continues.

In addition to the fact that his studies gave him in-depth knowledge in social sciences and history, Erik also made friends for life. Some tips from Erik for anyone who is thinking about studying to become a teacher:

“Study really hard, learn as much as you can about the subjects and listen to the experienced and competent teachers you meet when you do your internship. Find some friends to study with, this makes it more fun to study. As you will be studying for five years, it is important that you enjoy your student life”, Erik explains.

To those who are about to start working as teachers, Erik has the following to say:

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself in the beginning, try to let go of the prestige and listen to experienced and competent colleagues. Also work to establish a good relationship with your pupils and with your colleagues, this will be valuable in the long term”, Erik concludes.