Jasmine alumna from Linnaeus University

Alumni story: Jasmin works as pharmacist

She works at Apoteket’s customer service in Kalmar where she is part of a team that works with order administration. Jasmin uses her pharmacology knowledge to approve orders that have been placed through Apoteket’s webshop.

“My workdays can vary from day to day. Within our teams, we work with different tasks, but we can also help other teams. For instance, I help the phone service team when needed. The most exciting part of my work is the fact that all cases are unique. This gives us new knowledge and experience. What is more, it’s so much fun to help people from all over Sweden”.

Jasmin likes her job and enjoys the fact that she gets to contribute to a sound use of pharmaceuticals for the individual. Once you have completed the programme, you have good opportunities to find a job or continue studying.

“Sound use of pharmaceuticals is of great importance not only to the individual but to society as a whole. Prescriptionists are in high demand today, which means that the programme makes you wanted on the labour market. You can also choose to supplement your studies and become a pharmacist, clinical pharmacist, or continue studying within a field of your interest. I wanted to learn more about the use of pharmaceuticals and the development of new pharmaceuticals and thanks to my bachelor’s degree I could continue studying on a master’s programme”.

Jasmin enjoyed her time at Linnaeus University and is pleased with the programme she chose. It was a tough programme that required a lot of studies, but the students were given great support by the teachers. On the side of her studies, she was also engaged in the natural sciences student association.

“My time as a student was fantastic! The sense of community among students and staff was great and I also felt seen as a student. On the side of my studies, there were lots of activities and events. Everyone is welcome to take part in the introduction weeks and this was something that I always looked forward to. As a member of the natural sciences student association, I arranged different events. What is more, Kalmar is such a cozy city”.

If you are interested in working to improve people’s health, Jasmin thinks that this programme is a good choice for you.

“It can be, for instance, advising people on pharmaceuticals, which is an essential part of the pharmacist profession and something that pharmacists do everyday at pharmacies. The programme is also a good choice if you want to learn more about how pharmaceuticals work. Once you have completed the programme, in addition to pharmacy jobs, you can also work at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, or public authorities that work with pharmaceutical-related issues