Lisa former student at Linnaeus University

Alumni story: Lisa works as project coordinator

After completing her studies on the programme international politics studies, specialization political analysis, Lisa chose to study a 2-year master’s programme in crisis management and peacebuilding. A choice that gave Lisa an international job at the European CBRNE Center in Umeå.

Lisa is glad that she chose the programme international politics studies to start her professional life.

“The programme has been important to my career as I got a broad basis to stand on, which made it easier for me to realise what I enjoy working with. What is more, the international focus on the programme, together with the English, served as good preparation for working internationally with people from different countries”, says Lisa.

Lisa thought the teachers were very supportive and that the programme gave her the opportunity to grow as a person, which has been good for her career. Today, she works at the European CBRNE Center in Umeå.

“At the center, I’ve gained experience of CBRNE questions in Europe and in Sweden. CBRNE is short for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosives – which can be summarised as hazardous substances”, Lisa explains.

In her role as project coordinator, Lisa’s workdays can look quite different from one another.

“At the centre, I work with project coordination, administration, communication, and reports. In addition, my work tasks involve facilitating the center’s operations in many different ways; for instance, through procurement, booking of meetings, and work environment”, Lisa continues.

She got the job thanks to an internship she did at the center during her master’s studies. Lisa recommends others to take the opportunity to do an internship.

“My tip is to take the chances and opportunities you get. Also, don’t forget to look for jobs or internship positions where you live. For my internship, I chose to stay in the city where I studied, despite the fact that many of my course mates chose bigger cities or organisations. This is a decision I do not regret today”, Lisa concludes.

Photograph: Mattias Pettersson