Ragnar alumnus from Linnaeus University

Alumni story: Ragnar develops film events

Ragnar has studied the Arts and Culture Programme and this gave him the tools needed to work in the culture sector. In his role as operations developer at Palladium in Växjö he has great use of his knowledge in film studies when he meets the cinema visitors.

He got his first job after his studies thanks to his friend and mentor from the introduction week at Linnaeus University, who was looking for a substitute to fill her place. Today, he substitutes as operational developer at Palladium Folkets Bio in Växjö.

“The programme has given me an understanding of how the culture sector works. My work involves a lot of contracts, invoicing, marketing and budget. Thus, the business and law courses from the programme have proven useful. I studied the specialization film studies, which has also been of great use when I talk to the cinema visitors”.

The daily work can look quite different for Ragnar. He sees his job as a fun challenge and learns from all experiences and meetings.

“A regular day at work starts with my answering emails, doing marketing on social media, and updating our website. The rest will vary from day to day. As my main area of responsibility is events, I often start working late to coordinate volunteers and technicians for the different events. Sometimes I get to act as technician. The best thing about my job is all the fantastic events and movies that I get to take part of, and all the people that I get to meet”.

Ragnar can truly recommend the Arts and Culture Programme for anyone who wants to work within the culture sector. The programme offers a broad basis and an opportunity to try out many different parts of the culture sector.

“I’ve learned so much from studying the Arts and Culture Programme, and it’s been fun. During my studies I was engage din the student association KLUBB, arranged concerts with the jazz association, and was also engaged as volunteer. This gave my direct experience of the industry and I established many contacts”.

His tips for your future professional life is the same one he got when he started his studies.

“The best tip was the one I got when I started studying – engage yourself on the side of your studies. There are plenty of associations and other activities in which you can take part”.

As Ragnar’s position is only temporary as a substitute, there is some uncertainty concerning the future, but this also raises his curiosity.

“I don’t know what will be in store for me, which is kind of exciting. I believe that the knowledge and the experience that I have gained during my time here in Växjö will prove very valuable to me and give me the opportunity to try out a number of different fun jobs”.