Tanja alumna from Linnaeus University

Alumni story: Tanja works as team manager and solution architect

Tanja studied the Information Systems Programme and now works at Capgemini in Växjö, as team manager and solution architect. Tanja focused a lot on programming during her studies and since there is a great shortage of programmers on the market, she got several job offers after her studies.

“Programming was what I found the most interesting. Therefore, I chose to take four programming courses instead of doing an internship. The programme itself is fun and quite challenging, but also very varied. We did a lot of group work, individual work, and examinations within every course. It took quite some discipline to make it through the programme, but this also gave me a lot of experience”, says Tanja.

Tanja thinks of the future as an ocean of possibilities. The broad programme and the variation in her current job gives her the opportunity to try out almost anything within IT and digitalisation. The only limitation is what she chooses to do.

“My tips for working life is to have courage to ask and be curious. Try different things, it’s so hard to know directly after your studies what you want to work with. The world of IT is big and worth exploring”, Tanja continues.

She says that no two days are the same at her job and she can’t really see that she will ever become bored or restless. She also stresses the importance of having good colleagues.

“There are no regular days at work, but quite often I work with programming changes that are to be planned and designed, then I distribute tasks between the members of a project. After this, I sometimes have a talk with one of my members of staff or hold a recruitment interview. Once this is done, I support members of the team if they need help with their coding or I have a meeting with a customer to discuss improvements”, says Tanja.

Tanja can really recommend the Information Systems Programme.

“If you are interested in IT, digitalisation, and how organisations can develop with the help of digitalisation, this is the right programme for you. You will gain perspective on how an organisation can develop, become more efficient, and grow through digitalisation, while also having the opportunity to learn the basis in how these systems can be programmed”, Tanja concludes.