parking Växjö

Changed parking fees 1 December and ban on night parking on campus in Växjö

On 1 December, the parking fee for the university’s parking spaces on campus in Växjö will be raised to SEK 2/hour. The fee for parking spaces with charging point will be raised to SEK 5/hour.

At the same time, a ban on night parking will be introduced for all university parking spaces. If you are a student living on campus, please contact your housing company to rent a parking space in their residential car park.

The university has close to 1 000 parking spaces on campus in Växjö. Currently, roughly 20 parking spaces have charging points for electric cars, but this will now be increased to roughly 50 parking spaces. The work to install new charging points has been initiated and is expected to be completed in 2023.

“As for our charging points, we must adjust the price as a consequence of the higher electricity price”, says David Svensson, office manager at the Office of Facilities Management and Services at Linnaeus University.

“We estimate that the increased prices for charging points mean that electric cars are likely to be parked at a charging point only during charging. After they are fully charged, it is likely that most people will move their electric cars to the regular parking spaces. This will make the charging points available to more people.”