Concerning the invasion of Ukraine

On account of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Linnaeus University’s crisis management team has been activated. The crisis management team closely follows the development in Ukraine and Russia.

“The dramatically increasing threat of further acts of war means that this conflict is not only about Russia and Ukraine – it affects us all”, says Peter Aronsson, vice-chancellor at Linnaeus University.

A smaller number of students from Ukraine and Russia are on location at Linnaeus University and these have been contacted and offered support. At the time being, the university does not have any members on staff in Ukraine.

The Swedish and European university associations give their collegial support and solidarity to Ukraine’s higher education institutions, staff and students. Learn more about the statement from the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions here, and here you will find the statement from the European University Association.

“Linnaeus University stands behind these strong condemnations of the Russian aggression”, says Peter Aronsson.

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Also read the blog post that Vice-chancellor Peter Aronsson has written. The title is “What should academia do in wartime?” and the blog can be found here.