FestiWell starts now–welcome to join us!

For two weeks, a number of lectures and activities will take place for employees and students across Europe, as we celebrate FestiWell as a joint activity for everyone within our European University EUniWell.

We start this afternoon with a joint opening program, where we get to meet the University of Murcia, Spain, a new addition to our alliance.

Tomorrow Tuesday is our turn at Linnaeus University, and our program is given partly on site in Kalmar and partly via Zoom. On Wednesday, our physical activities will move to Växjö.

On Wednesday University of Birmingham will take over the joint FestiWell program. In Birmingham, the big conference Forum for Global Challenges is taking place this week, and one of the program items is a live broadcast from it. On Thursday, FestiWell continues from France and the University of Nantes.

Join this week's exciting program here. To get the zoom link to the digital program, you need to register, and for the first week, please register here.

On Monday 9 May it´s Europe Day and we celebrate it with a joint program where, among others, Lali Lindell from the School of Economics talks about Inner Development Goals, and we also get to see films from all our campuses.

On Tuesday, May 10, the University of Cologne will take over the program. Then it's time for the University of Florence on Wednesday and the Hungarian Semmelweis University on Thursday next week.

The whole interesting program for FestiWell can be found here. Please click here to register for the second week and get the links to the activities.