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Flows and Frictions in Trans-Himalayan Spaces

Gunnel Cederlöf and Willem van Schendel are bringing out a volume on flows and friction in the extremely varied ecologies of south-western China, Myanmar and north-eastern India. It is one of the outcomes of the research project ’The India-China Corridor’, funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Flows and Frictions in Trans-Himalayan Spaces traces movements and connections in a region known for its formidable obstacles to mobility. Eight original essays and a conceptual introduction engage with questions of networks and interconnection between people across a bordered landscape. The closely researched chapters in this book demonstrate that these borders have not prevented an abundance of movements, connections and flows. Mobility has always coexisted with friction here, but this coexistence has been unsettled, giving this space its historical shape and its contemporary dynamism. Introducing the concept of the ‘corridor’ as an analytical framework, this collection investigates mobility and flows in this unique socio-political landscape.
The volume is Open Access