Photographing the university's facilities

On 7–11 February, we will photograph our indoor study environments in order to produce a “digital tour” that will be published on our web.

We will photograph in Växjö on Monday–Wednesday, 7–9 February and then continue in Kalmar on Thursday–Friday, 10–11 February. We will try to do as much as possible of the photographing during evening hours and other “odd” hours in order not to disturb our regular operations. You are welcome to study and hang out on campus as usual, but please keep in mind to leave the facilities tidy.
The idea of the digital tour is that it will create curiosity and show our facilities to Swedish and international prospective students, who may not be able to visit us in person. The digital tour will make it possible for visitors to click their way through photographed views, similar to those of Google Street view, while at the same time taking part of information about the university in the form of text, audio and video.