Kosmo student at Linnaeus University

Kosmo is arranging an event in support of Ukraine

Kosmo has launched the charity project "Växjö students for Ukraine". Together with student social clubs – so-called “nations” – and education associations in Växjö, he is now organising an event in support of the people in Ukraine. With this initiative, he is hoping to inspire students at other universities to follow suit.

Kosmo Barkat Ullah is the chair of the Swedish Psychological Association’s student association, SPFS-Växjö. He came up with the idea of using campus student life for something more than just fun.

“This spawned the idea of arranging the event “Charity Party”, where all the proceeds from the event will be donated as humanitarian support for Ukraine”, Kosmo explains.

All the student “nations” and many education associations have joined in to support the idea. The event will take place on Thursday, 12 May, at Sivan’s student pub, on campus in Växjö.

“We have a capacity of 300 people, and we’re hoping for a full house”, Kosmo says.

The point of the event is not only to raise money; Kosmo is also hoping that it will cause a reaction.

“By organising this event, we hope to inspire students at other universities, and also people in general, to take action – to do something similar and consider whether they too could help Ukraine in some way”, Kosmo concludes.

Further information

When: 12 May
Where: Sivan’s student pub, 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

If you have any questions, please contact @Spfs.vaxjo