LNUC Concurrences organizes a summer school for PhD students on the theme The Colonial Anthropocene.

The Linnaeus University Centre for Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies arranges 15-19 August an international and interdisciplinary summer school for PhD students. With funding from the Crafoord foundation and the Åke Wiberg foundation, 18 students from 10 different nations and 4 continents get the opportunity to meet, discuss their projects and receive guidance and advice from an international, hand-picked faculty.

“This is the third summer school for PhD students that LNUC Concurrences organizes” says professor Johan Höglund who manages the school. “The previous summer schools have been extremely rewarding and created lasting contacts and collaborations. It has given students who sometimes work on their own access to a large network while at the same time helping them on with their projects.”

As many researchers in the humanities, social sciences and environmental sciences have observed, there is a clear connection between the European colonial project and the ongoing climate emergency. Via new and important historical, sociological, literary, political science and comparative art projects, the researching faculty and the students of the summer school with shed additional light on this connection. More information can be found at