Postcolonial studies

Master’s Programme in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies

The Master program in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies meets the need for critical analysis of the content, meanings, and consequences of colonialism. As a student, you are actively part of creating knowledge about the formation of the modern world under the impact of colonial power, orientalist discourses and knowledge networks. A broad choice of courses introduces you to, among other things, Nordic colonialism, environmental history, indigenous studies, and the scientific approach of the Enlightenment. The programme gives you training in field study, archival research, planning and leading seminars. 

The education provides a stable basis for postgraduate education and prepares for future careers in domestic and foreign administration, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), primary and secondary schools, news media, museums, and the cultural sector. Teaching is in English.


Deadline for applications in the international admissions round is 16 January 2023 and 17 April is the last application in the national round  More information: 

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