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New publications in the field of digitalisation

Researchers within the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Digital Transformations are involved in two new publications. One of them is available for download free of charge.

The book Information and Knowledge Organisation in Digital Humanities, published by Routledge, is now also available in an open access version. This means that anyone who is interested can access the content free of charge. One of the two editors of the book is Koraljka Golub, professor of library and information science and co-leader of the research groups Digital Humanities and Information Institute at Linnaeus University.

The publishing company Springer have issued the book Visualizations and dashboards for learning analytics. The book features a chapter written by doctoral student Johanna Velander, associate professor Nuno Otero and professor Marcelo Milrad at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology. The chapter is entitled We know what you were doing and deals with the understanding of learners’ concerns regarding learning analytics and visualization practices in learning management systems.

The research at Linnaeus University that has contributed to both publications is part of the work in the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Digital Transformations.