Gunlög Fur appointed member of the Truth commission for the Sami people

Sweden assigns a Truth Commission to investigate the abuses of the Sami people by the Swedish State. The decision was taken by the Swedish government on 3 November, 2021.

The directive means that the Truth Commission shall identify, make visible, analyze and highlight the consequences of the policies the Sami people were subjected to. The Commission shall also spread knowledge about and raise the general awareness of Sami history and how historical abuses affect the conditions for the Sami today, participate in the general debate and participate in different forms of education and information activities.

Appointed members:

Anna-Lill Drugge, fil.dr. - ledamot
Gunlög Fur, professor - ledamot
Marie B Hagsgård, internationell expert - ledamot
Patrik Lantto, professor - ledamot
Marianne Liliequist, professor emerita - ledamot
Britta Marakatt-Labba, konstnär - ledamot
Bertil Marklund, fil.dr. - ledamot
Jonas Monié-Nordin, docent - ledamot
Ulf Mörkenstam, professor - ledamot
Mikael Svonni, professor emeritus - ledamot
Eivind Torp, docent - ledamot
Laila Susanne Vars, fil.dr. - ledamot