SEK 400 million to be invested in eHealth

Region Kalmar County and Linnaeus University intend to invest many millions on eHealth during the upcoming ten-year period.

The aim is to make a national and international impact by strengthening the university within a number of different areas relating to eHealth and to improve the conditions for high-quality care both in cities and on the countryside. The ambition is also to develop collaborations with the private sector and to work for regional growth.

“Having a solid ground for collaboration with the region, we can now take major steps towards becoming a national centre for development of eHealth with citizen benefit and good healthcare for everyone, which also requires technology and business development”, says Vice-Chancellor Peter Aronsson, Linnaeus University.

“This is an important investment that will make us better prepared for the needs and challenges of the future within healthcare. This will guarantee that we continue to be on the forefront within eHealth”, says Regional Director Ingeborg Eriksson.

The declaration of intent that was signed on Tuesday by representatives from Linnaeus University and Region Kalmar County will form the basis for the continued negotiations between the parties with the aim to:

  • strengthen the local eHealth platform in which both parties are already active together with the county’s municipalities, eHealth arena, and business networks,
  • deepen the collaboration within eHealth and clinical information by linking together different areas of knowledge like healthcare, technology/IT and economy/business development,
  • support strategic interests within eHealth throughout the county.

The investment will comprise education, research, innovation and skills development. This can, for instance, be different forms of courses within eHealth/clinical informatics, professorships and research positions, graduate school within the area of eHealth, shared appointments, and the establishment of common test environments where students, researchers, clinics, and IT professions can explore ideas and develop together.

“Together with Linnaeus University, we further strengthen our position within the area of eHealth. This long-term work is of benefit for all of Kalmar County”, explains Angelica Katsanidou, chair of the county council.

“This strong collaboration with Region Kalmar County through which we will invest in eHealth is also a contribution to Sweden’s position as a leading knowledge nation, which goes well with our collaboration with other European universities where well-being is a common theme”, says Kerstin Hermansson, chair of the University Board.

Financially, the collaboration will involve SEK 400 million that will be invested over a ten-year period. SEK 200 million each from Region Kalmar County and Linnaeus University over the upcoming ten years.

The declaration of intent is the first step towards a collaboration agreement within the area of eHealth.

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