Conference ADM begins in Azur

The 5th “Advances in Destination Management” is happening in Kalmar now

Yesterday the 5th version of the conference Advances in Destination Management (ADM) begun. The conference will be held at Universitetskajen in Kalmar from June 8-10.

Advances in Destination Management is a biennial forum hosted by the Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland) in conjunction with different partner institutions. The forum aims to bridge the gap between parallel developments in separate disciplinary tracks and to connect different bodies of knowledge on destination management and on sustainable destination development.

To this end, we join up the multifaceted perspectives that different research disciplines pursue and convene scholars and practitioners interested in advancing research on and the practice of destination management.

We asked Stephan Reinhold, docent at Linnaeus University and part of the conference committee, a few of questions abouth the conference. 

What do you look forward the most with this conference?

- To connect to international colleagues, talk about current and future research project and the ambitions for sustainable tourism development in Sweden and globally. And of course, to show them what Kalmar has to offer as a university and research environment that co-creates knowledge as well as a beautiful tourist destination.

 Why is this conference important?

- Two points; First, ADM convenes those interested and invested in developing the science and practice of destination marketing and management for sustainable destination development. It shapes the consensus on advances in destination management – what is relevant for research next and what are the established assumptions to challenge. Second, for an active research environment, we need to not just send out our researchers to other conferences or spend time on Zoom, it’s also important to convene international research communities at LNU to establish and nurture relationships. We look forward to seeing more of that on our new campus post-covid.

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