The research group Art, Culture and Entrepreneurship launches a seminar series and an OA journal dedicated to the study of entrepreneurship in the field of art and culture

Are you interested in exploring initiatives to establish new forms of organised practices within the field of art and culture? If so, the newly formed research group Art, Culture and Entrepreneurship (ACE) invites you to take part in its upcoming seminar series and to contribute to the recently launched ACE journal.

“It all started last spring as an initiative to promote Linnaeus University’s work with achieving the strategic visions of ‘The Cultural University’ and ‘The Entrepreneurial University’ by conducting research at the intersection of art, culture and entrepreneurship”, research leader Daniel Ericsson explains.

“We were granted some seed money from the vice-chancellor’s strategic funds to form a research group and start a seminar series, and here we are!”, Ericsson continues.

The research group’s seminar series starts on 9 February, with a presentation of the group and the different avenues of research the group is exploring.

“As a group we are defined by our common empirical interest in entrepreneurship within theater, opera, design, museums, literature, and so on. Our research group is, however, truly interdisciplinary with members from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the School of Business and Economics, and as such it is characterised by theoretical and methodological curiosity and diversity. And this will of course also characterise our seminars”, Daniel says, and he encourages all those who are interested in art, culture and entrepreneurship to make contact with the group.

On 9 February, the group also launches an online, open access, and peer-reviewed journal and platform devoted the study of cultural and art entrepreneurship. The aim of the journal is to provide an intellectual sanctuary for all those who are interested in cultural and art entrepreneurship and, to facilitate this, the journal is divided into three sections, each with its specific purpose: Articles, Art works and Reviews.

“As regards the Art works section, we believe the journal will be rather unique as in this section we seek to curate different types of artistic representations of cultural entrepreneurship, such as short stories, essays, poetry, music, and visual art that question, destabilise, or criticise taken-for-granted beliefs and values attached to entrepreneurial initiatives in the cultural sector”, Daniel concludes.

The first issue of Art, Culture & Entrepreneurship is scheduled for spring 2023, and the journal is looking forward to submissions. For further information see the Call for Paper on the journal’s website.

Link to ACE’s website https://lnu.se/en/research/searchresearch/art-culture-and-entrepreneurship/

Link to the journal’s website https://open.lnu.se/index.php/ace