Pristagare med blommor och diplom

Two recipients of the Ternryd award were celebrated

Both professor Stavros Avramidis, recipient of Carola and Carl-Olof Ternryd’s award 2022, and professor Heli Peltola, recipient from 2020, received their respective awards at a ceremony on Växjö campus on Thursday 20 October

For her research on sustainable management of Nordic forest ecosystems in a changeable climate, Heli Peltola, professor of silvicultural sciences at the School of Forest Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, was awarded Carola and Carl-Olof Ternryd’s award 2020.

Not until two years later, due to the pandemic, she was on location to receive the award, consisting of a total of SEK 1 million. The individual part is SEK 400 000 to professor Heli Peltola, the other part is SEK 600 000 to the Department of Forestry and Wood Technology, for exchange and collaboration with professor Heli Peltola and her research group.

Peltola started by presenting her research, and in line with the spirit of the award she stressed the significance of her research team and the importance of networking and collaboration with other researchers.

Recipient of Ternryd’s award 2022 is professor Stavros Avramidis, who conducts research on the physical properties of wood with special focus on wood drying. Professor Avramidis works at the Department of Wood Science, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, Canada.

Professor Avramidis has been involved in several collaborations with European researchers and also he stressed the importance of breadth when doing research in a major field, and that research cannot and should not be a one man show.

“I feel a certain level of envy when I look at you. You have a system in which both public authorities and the industry collaborate to move research forward. In Canada, we have to rely on ourselves and our own abilities to a greater extent”, says Avramidis.

The award 2022 consists of SEK 500 000 to the recipient and SEK 500 000 that are earmarked for research collaboration with Linnaeus University within the field of research in question.

Carola and Carl-Olof Ternryd’s award has been awarded by Linnéakademiens Forskningsstiftelse every second year since 2016. The award consists of two economic parts, where one goes to the researcher and the other is to be used for research collaborations with Linnaeus University.