Welcome to Linnaeus University!

We welcome you to your studies at Linnaeus University! The Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish Government has stated that we should continue to have on-location teaching and examination in our facilities. During shorter periods of time and on certain occasions, online teaching can be used to thin out in our facilities and to avoid crowding.

IYou will receive information on what applies for your particular course from your course or programme coordinator. You will find information about your course/programme start and your timetable via our timetable system TimeEdit.

The recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden to keep the distance, avoid crowding, stay at home in case you have any symptoms, and to get tested continues to apply, also for those who are vaccinated.

On location in our facilities

To as large an extent as possible, we should continue to keep the distance in our facilities and avoid crowding. For instance, we urge you to spread out in lecture rooms when possible, to avoid crowding in connection to entry and exit, in corridors and other places where there can easily be crowding.

Protective masks can be collected during office hours at Infocenter in both Kalmar and Växjö. In Kalmar, you find Infocenter in building Stella and in Växjö in building H.

If you have any symptoms, stay at home and get tested

If you have any symptoms of covid-19, you should stay at home, also if your symptoms are mild. You should also get tested. This applies also if you are vaccinated. Testing is free of charge for everyone.

  • Getting tested in Växjö: Students in Växjö, including international students, are referred to Vårdcentralen Teleborg. Call 0470-58 67 70 to book an appointment to collect your test kit.
  • Getting tested in Kalmar: Students in Kalmar book appointments via Choose a time to collect your test kit for self-testing and at what pharmacy you would like to collect the test kit (see list on International students in Kalmar should contact their nearest health care clinic.
  • If you live in another city, go to to check what applies for testing where you live.

Inform you teacher if you have tested positive for covid-19

If you have tested positive, you must inform your teacher or your course or programme coordinator. The corona virus and covid-19 is covered by the Infectious Disease Control Act, which means that you are obligated to inform about this. This is extra important if you have recently participated in on-campus teaching or spent time in our facilities.

You can book an appointment for vaccination in Kalmar and Växjö

Region Kalmar and Region Kronoberg welcome everyone who want to get vaccinated against covid-19. This applies both for those who have not yet started their vaccination and those who have already gotten their first or second dose of the vaccine.
At the time being, the vaccine against covid-19 is offered in three doses. Those who have already received their first or second dose and now moved to Kalmar or Växjö to study are welcome to get their next dose here. Vaccination is free of charge. Remember to bring your ID when you are to be vaccinated.

More information

We follow the development of the covid-19 pandemic closely, and continue to follow the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Swedish Government, and other authorities.
Linnaeus University has a webpage with information for students concerning covid-19. You find this page here.
If you have any questions concerning what applies at Linnaeus University, please contact