FestiWell 2022

Welcome to FestiWell 2022

Welcome to FestiWell, a day filled with lectures, workshops, and activities for the general public, students and employees. The theme is “Towards global sustainable well-being”. Join us live on Universitetskajen, Kalmar, and on Zoom. Welcome to Linnaeus University’s FestiWell Day on Tuesday 3 May.

Among other things, you can listen to Joacim Rosenlund who will give a lecture on what you can do to make recycling more exciting, or you can listen to Christina Dahlgren who will talk about what happens when art and science meet. There will also be a student workshop on student well-being. The day will be concluded with a panel discussion on this year’s theme: “Towards global sustainable well-being”.

On 3 May at 11–14, there will be activities on site in building Radix at Universitetskajen in Kalmar. The concert and some of the other activities will be held at the Universituy Library, house Stella, in Kalmar.  

Register now! You need to register to attend lectures and activities that take place via Zoom. From 1 May, our virtual FestiWell lobby is open for meetings and chats with other participants. You can register here.

09:45–10:00 Welcome to FestiWell at Linnaeus University (Zoom only)
Vice Rector Ann-Charlotte Larsson (Lnu) 

10:00–10:45 Creating Well-being through the New European Bauhaus (Zoom only)
Joint event with University of Florence and Nantes University. Alessandro Rancati (EU Policy Lab), Emanuela Morelli (UniFi), Lucile Colombain (NU), Krushna Mahapatra (Lnu), Chair: Åsa Rydell-Blom (Lnu), Summary: Ann-Charlotte Larsson (Lnu)

11:00–11:15 Can recycling be fun? (On-site at the University Library, Kalmar, and on Zoom)
Joacim Rosenlund, Senior Lecturer, Lnu

11:30–12:15 Planetary health (On-site at the University Library, Kalmar, and on Zoom)
Martin Gren, Chiara Lenza and Master students, Lnu

11:00–14:00 Campus activities at house Radix and at the University Library, Kalmar

12:30–13:15 Concert with students from the Linnaeus University music programme (On-site at the University Library, Kalmar, and on Zoom)

13:15–14:00 Student well-being and coping mechanisms (Zoom only)
Workshop for students with Soniya Billore and Lali Lindell (Lnu)

14:15–14:45 When art and science meet, exciting things happen! (Zoom only)
Christina Dahlgren, Director Artium, Lnu

15:00–15:45 Co-creating knowledge towards global sustainable well-being (On-site at the University Library, Kalmar, and on Zoom)
Panel conversation with Q&A 

FestiWell runs from 2–13 May and the EuniWell universities are responsible for one day each, where students, researchers, academics, and university staff from the different universities discuss this year’s theme.

View the full FestiWell programme on EUniWell’s website.

About EUniWell
EUniWell (the European University for Well-being) consists of eight European universities that have entered into a strategic, university-wide collaboration. Through collaboration on high-quality education and research, we want to contribute to establishing an environment for the people in Europe and their global neighbours that creates opportunities for good education, social responsibility, health, inclusion and diversity – all of which are important factors in order to create well-being.

The universities that are part of EUniWell are: Birmingham, Great Britain; Cologne, Germany; Florence, Italy; Leiden, the Netherlands; Murcia, Spain; Nantes, France; Semmelweis in Budapest, Hungary; and Linnaeus University, Sweden.