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CARE for DIGIPRENEURS project awarded support from the European Social Fund

The CARE for DIGIPRENEURS project will provide opportunities for a selected group of immigrants from Ukraine to develop their abilities for entrepreneurial action and in this way approach Swedish working life. The project has applied for and been granted support from the European Social Fund, ESF.

The participants in the project will be given opportunities to use and develop their knowledge, and be given support to develop business ideas that are relevant to Swedish business. This with a special focus on trade or other business between Ukraine and Sweden. Based on theories and methods from the field of international business and digital transformations, a training package will be developed and offered to a selected group of participants from Ukraine.

The focus of the project is to activate participants' abilities and experiences, and to provide support for developing these in a Swedish business context. These startup ideas can give rise to network development and become a breeding ground for business activities involving different types of companies in a broad Sweden-Ukraine context. It can also be entrances for individual participants to work with or in individual Swedish companies.