Lars Behrenz

Lars Behrenz in the government's new expert council

The Government's new labour market policy council brings together the country's foremost experts in the field. Lars Behrenz, Associate Professor of Economics at the School of Business and Economics, is one of the nine members.

Lars Behrenz is one of nine experts on labour market policy issues who have been selected for the new council by Minister for Employment and Integration Johan Pehrson. The aim is to exchange ideas on the challenges of the labour market, due to the current recession.

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Johan Pehrson, Minister for Employment and Integration, says the following about the election of a member:

"We need knowledge and dialogue with academia about both how the recession will affect the labour market and how we solve the structural problems surrounding long-term unemployment and lack of integration, among other things. Lars Behrenz's research on, among other things, the establishment process in the Swedish labour market makes him a very valuable knowledge resource in the council."

"It feels very good to have been selected. I have 30 years of experience in labour market policy research and can contribute with good advice based on experiences of my own and others' research," says Lars Behrenz.

Wants to make it easier for weak groups

As a researcher in economics, Lars Behrenz specialises in the labour market. Among other things, he has investigated the efficiency of the Swedish Public Employment Service, employers' recruitment work and attitudes towards different groups in the labour market.

Most of his studies are evaluations of labour market policy that can be used as a basis for political decision-making.

"The most important question for me is how we can create a well-functioning labour market policy that both facilitates the matching process and supports the establishment journey for groups with a weak position in the labour market."


More information:
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