Abhilasha and Aritri on Linneaus University in Växjö

From India to Sweden: Abhilasha's Cross-Cultural Exchange in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies

Since late March, Abhilasha has been studying on the master's programme in colonial and postcolonial studies. A different experience compared to her studies in her home country. The exchange was made possible thanks to a strategic collaboration between Linnaeus University and the well-reputed Ashoka University in India.

Abhilasha chose to apply to the exchange programme in colonial and postcolonial studies because the courses offered were particularly relevant to her research in the field of migration literature.

“I found both courses that I credited quite interesting. The course literature and migration covered a wide range of themes and contexts – from South Asian immigrant experiences to queer experiences of displacement. The course on slavery and the slave trade in a global context was particularly unique as it combined historical and literary methods to study the context of slavery”, Abhilasha explains.

She feels that her study experience in Sweden was the perfect complement to her studies at Ashoka University in India.

“By reading the courses at Linnaeus University, I can approach my research interests from a global perspective”, she continues.

Abhilasha appreciates the university's location and the different study environment.

“Linnaeus University has beautiful surroundings, especially in spring. With its many lakes and all the greenery, it is an idyllic place. As for the academic environment, I felt that it was relaxed and informal, yet quite structured and efficient. Discussions were free-flowing, interactive and insightful”, says Abhilasha.

Now she returns to India with more knowledge and new experiences.

“What I bring with me from Linnaeus University is not just classroom learning but also knowledge about the unique Swedish culture – for example, the art of having ‘fika’! I also appreciate the wonderful people I have met here, especially the Global Humanities group, who welcomed me very warmly”, Abhilasha concludes.

In the picture, Abhilasha Sawlani, can be seen in a blue shirt together with Aritri Chakrabarti, who  also has been studying the master´s program during the spring.