Emma at the vernissage at Gallery Linnéa

Alumni Story: Emma creates detailed illustrations of nature

Emma's studies in biology provided her with inspiration for her watercolour paintings. She is now back at the university, exhibiting her works at Gallery Linnéa.

Emma Tinnert studied the biology programme with a terrestrial focus. Her studies resulted in a master's degree in biology and inspired her to create illustrations featuring natural motifs.

"It was during my biology studies that I realised the opportunity to combine my interests in biology and watercolour painting by creating illustrations of natural subjects. Someone did actually create the illustrations in all the beautiful books we encountered during our studies, such as floras or books about birds and insects. It was also during my studies that my great interest in butterflies was awakened. Butterflies later took the lead role in the first book that I illustrated", Emma recounts.

Emma studies have served as the foundation for everything she has pursued professionally. Right after graduation, she started her own business as an artist and illustrator but has also held various other jobs over the years.

"I was also employed as a station host and guide at Station Linné, an Öland-based centre for research, education, and teaching. After that, I worked for many years as a nature centre host and guide and eventually as the nature centre manager at Ottenby, beautifully located at the southern tip of Öland. Now, I’m a co-owner of my parents' business, Galleri Tinnert, work part-time as a museum coordinator at VIDA Museum & Art Gallery, and continue to be a self-employed artist and illustrator," she continues.

She finds motivation everywhere, and all it takes is a few steps outside her door to find inspiration.

"My biology studies have provided me with knowledge that I constantly use in my work as an illustrator. Like the ability to look closely and distinguish the details necessary for species identification. An understanding of how important colour variations on butterfly wings can be, the ability to capture the feel of a fuzzy stem or show the pattern on the veins of a leaf", says Emma.

In her role as an illustrator, she is now back at the university for the exhibition "Orchids" at Gallery Linnéa. Something that Emma is delighted about.

"Being asked to come and display my works is always an honour. Considering my previous studies, it felt a little extra special when the Cultural University at Linnaeus University contacted me. The exhibition at Gallery Linnéa turned out very nicely, and I look forward to continued collaboration with the Cultural University through the Linnaeus Garden project".

In the exhibition, visitors get to experience her detailed illustrations of orchids, and her works are truly fascinating.

"I received very positive feedback at the vernissage, which attracted many visitors. I hope that my exhibition will continue to be appreciated by both students and university staff while it is displayed at Gallery Linnéa", Emma concludes.

Gallery Linnéa is Linnaeus University's art gallery in Kalmar, showcasing artworks by students and staff. The gallery is located in the University Library, on the second floor of Building Stella in Kalmar. Learn more about the Cultural University.The "Orchids" exhibition runs until 19 November.