Oliver working in his studio

Alumni Story: Oliver's international hits have millions of streams on Spotify

Directly after completing the music production programme, Oliver Frid moved to Stockholm, where his career quickly took off. Today, he works as a songwriter and music producer for global artists including Ariana Grande.

His studies on the music production programme have been of great importance for his career.

"It was very motivating and perhaps even decisive to have ambitious and like-minded people around me. Of course, I have also greatly benefitted from the practical knowledge I gained from the programme", says Oliver.

What has meant the most, however, are the friends he met on the programme during his time in Växjö.

"I moved straight to Stockholm after my studies and set up a studio with some classmates. I mainly worked with them, but as I got to know more and more people, I found new collaboration partners around town. One thing led to another, and that's how I ended up where I am now", Oliver continues.

In his job as a producer and songwriter, he divides his time between travelling and studio work.

"When I travel, I usually write new songs, and when I'm home, I usually finish productions. Completing productions can take a very long time. When I'm in that phase, I work more or less normal office hours. I usually arrive at the studio around 8 in the morning and sit and work for... well, as long as I have the energy”, laughs Oliver.

What he appreciates most about his job is the creativity.

"The best part of my job is getting to make music every day, working with many different types of people, and travelling a lot. Music is always evolving, so there's rarely a feeling of doing the same thing over and over", Oliver shares.

Oliver with his awards
Foto: Kobe Boateng

Successful collaborations with global artists are on Oliver's list of achievements. However, there is one song that is special to him.

"'Pov' by Ariana Grande is something I'm proud of. It was an early goal of mine to work with Ariana, so that song feels extra special!"

He fondly remembers his time as a student at Linnaeus University.

"It was a very fun period of my life, which I am extremely happy to have experienced. My study time taught me that it's much easier to get closer to your goals if you work and socialise with like-minded people. So, spend time with people who are pulling in the same direction as you!"

He gladly offers advice to students entering the workforce.

"Make the most of your time as a student but strive for a profession and a daily life that you neither want nor need to take a vacation from. Since I started working, I've never experienced the Monday blues and that feels like confirmation that I chose the right career", Oliver says.

With a career that's skyrocketing, he has a clear goal in mind.

"The future hopefully has much more music in store. I aim to continue making music that I and others enjoy with artists that I love", Oliver concludes.

More about Oliver Frid

  • Oliver has written songs for global artists like Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, and Little Mix.
  • Oliver's three biggest hits have around 736 million streams on Spotify.
  • Oliver has been named Spotify's Songwriter of the Month.