Simon works with live broadcasting

Alumni story: From internship to live broadcasting – Simon works at Aftonbladet TV

For Simon, the concluding internship on the journalism and media production programme led to a job. In his role as presenter and reporter at Aftonbladet TV, he is on hand when something happens in Sweden or the world that requires coverage and live broadcasting.

Simon did his 10-week internship at Direktdesken at SVT. During the internship, he was offered a summer job, which later turned into a temporary position. Now, he has moved on and works at Aftonbladet TV. He describes his job as diverse.

"I work as a reporter and presenter for 'breaking news'. That is to say, when something happens in Sweden or the world that requires us to broadcast live. My work includes doing research, writing scripts, editing, being a field reporter, booking guests, and hosting from the studio", Simon explains.

Meeting the audience's demands for broadcasts as a news story unfolds is what Simon appreciates most about his job.

"The best part is live broadcasting. Going to work not knowing what will happen, and then, within a few minutes, starting a live broadcast is incredibly stimulating. We never really know how it will end and how long we will be broadcasting", says Simon.

For Simon, the education was crucial for working in the news industry.

“I have, of course, taken many tools with me from my education, especially from my teachers on the TV and video courses. In my work at SVT and now at Aftonbladet TV, I have put my tools to use and taken the knowledge from school to the next level. Besides that, much comes down to who you are as a person and what ambitions you have. This is more important than the grade you got on a single course", Simon continues.

Simon offers advice on what is important to consider as a newcomer in the industry.

"Take initiative even when you're new and come up with your own ideas. Learn from those with more experience and adopt what you think they do well! It's important to step forward if you want to make an impact in an industry with tough competition for the jobs – especially in the big cities and at the national news desks", he says.

He remembers his time at Linnaeus University fondly and has several classmates who are now colleagues in the industry.

"I don't regret for a second that I chose Linnaeus University over the more traditional programmes, like in Lund or Gothenburg. Linnaeus University will always have a special place in my heart. I also miss the radio studio where I did a lot of student radio for Radio Shore", says Simon.

He gladly recommends others who are interested to enroll in the journalism and media production programme.

"Have the courage to go for it. More and more people choose to work as communicators and other professions related to journalism. The shortage of journalists is increasing. Many newsrooms in smaller cities struggle to attract people today. Journalists are needed, especially at this time when we live in a turbulent time where democracy is wobbling in many parts of the world", Simon concludes.