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Become a buddy to an international student in Kalmar or Växjö

”Being able to give back to students and getting the chance to meet new people are barely scratching the surface of the benefits of becoming a buddy” 

“The Buddy program gives us a chance to help and share knowledge with each other”  

“The Buddy program gives students the opportunity to grow mentally. The program helped me become a global citizen” 

Each year about 1000 international students begin at Linnaeus University. Studying abroad can be a big adjustment, and the Buddy program plays an important part in supporting new international students, in Kalmar or in Växjö! 

Buddies you are matched with international students which creates a dynamic student environment. As a buddy, you may answer common questions and give advice on the student life. Take your student for a “fika”, go shopping, show campus and/or the town. All that is part of your everyday life is new to them! 

4 reasons to become a buddy!

  • Learn about a culture different than your own 
  • Make new friends
  • Improve your language skills 
  • Get new perspectives 

When registering to become a buddy you can make several choices, such as picking countries, hobbies etc. Register here!  

Do you want more info before registration?
Read more at Linnaeus Union website or on social media.