Alumnerna Emma och Camilla driver designbyrÄ tillsammans

Alumni story: Emma and Camilla run their own design agency

Alumni Emma and Camilla got to know each other when they studied on the programme Design + Change. Nowadays, they run the design agency Fem2design together.

The company is Växjö-based and focuses primarily on sustainability and craft-based design.

“We take on different types of assignments, like product design and graphic design but also give lectures and arrange workshops, but sustainability is present in everything we do”, Camilla explains.

They let us know how they gradually launched their business after graduating and explain that they both had other jobs on the side for more than a year to make sure they had a stable income. They point out that it takes a long time to build a business from scratch and to establish contacts that will lead to customers, something they are still struggling with. Their goal is to be able to live off their business while doing what they love to do.

“There really is no regular day at work as there is so much variation! However, we usually try to plan our days so that we make the most of the available time while also finding a balance between what’s inspiring us on that particular day and what we need to prioritise. This can be everything from administrative work to producing and creating products, marketing, meetings, or inspiring study visits”, says Emma.

Never really knowing when the next big idea or assignment comes along is what they think is most exciting about their work. And the fact that they get to work with creative processes means that they are not likely to ever grow tired of their job. The best thing about their job is that they get to express their creativity together with a like-minded colleague.

“We have a positive outlook on the future. Society is becoming increasingly open to alternative and more sustainable consumption patterns, and we hope to be able to inspire and facilitate change though our work”, they explain.

They both believe that the programme they studied has given them a head start in sustainability thinking. They explain that many companies and employers want to see more sustainable ways of working and manufacturing processes. During their studies, they both had to ‘rethink’ what they thought they knew about design, but also what they knew about themselves.

“Getting the opportunity to study with people from different backgrounds, with different experiences, and different languages forces you to challenge yourself and broaden your perspectives and how you view the world. Design + Change is a unique and embracing community. There are so many like-minded, creative enthusiasts who support each other”, they say.

A couple of tips for work life that they would like to offer is to establish networks and not hesitate to accept help from others.

“It’s not possible to master all skills yourself, so it’s important to have a humble approach and not be afraid to invite others to collaborate. You should never underestimate what you can achieve together with others”, Emma concludes.