Julius working with other students at EUFA

Film student Julius in the jury for the European University Film Award 2023

Julius is enrolled in Film Studies at Linnaeus University. Recently he travelled to Hamburg to participate in selecting the Best Film of 2023 for the European University Film Award (EUFA).

He was one of 24 jury members from as many countries across Europe. He saw the opportunity to discuss and judge films with other students as an exciting challenge.

“I have a great passion for film and have been longing for such an opportunity. It felt wonderful to be part of a temporary community where everyone comes together with the same goal of discussing and voting for the best of the selected films. It’s also fascinating to hear how differently everyone thinks”, says Julius.

His knowledge from the Film Studies course was valuable in the jury duty.
“I applied what I’ve learned about film form, style, and scriptwriting. I consider how all the films are made and presented”, explains Julius.

He describes how the jury group collectively discussed all aspects of the films and what makes them unique.

“We looked at the overall quality of the film, but also its message, and what was most important for us in deciding our vote. The discussion was open and inclusive, and it’s enjoyable to hear different perspectives from people from various places. It sparks new thoughts”, continues Julius.

So, what would you say characterises a winning film in 2023?

“The film should be excellent in its form and storytelling, in its message and originality. Most of the films this year fit the bill. There was one that stood out a bit more than the others, and that was the French film Anatomy of a Fall”, Julius explains.

He shares that he will carry this experience into his continued studies at Linnaeus University.

“I take with me memories of having sat on a real jury and having met many lovely, passionate film enthusiasts. I also established new contacts and gained new perspectives”, Julius concludes.