9th BigData

Insights from Big Data 2023

In a world dominated by technological advancements, staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations is crucial. The recent conference held on Thursday, November 30th, and Friday, December 1st, promised a deep dive into the forefront of technology, with a particular focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. Here's a glimpse of what participants took away from the event.

Day 1: On generative language models, machine learning, healthcare and green software

The 2023 BigData Conference conference kicked off with a warm welcome from Welf Löwe, setting the tone for two days of intellectual exchange. The highlight of the morning was Magnus Sahlgren's keynote address on "GPT-SW3: Building the First Large Generative Language Model for the Nordic Languages." Attendees gained insights into the development of this groundbreaking language model, tailored specifically for the Nordic languages.

The mid-morning session focused on the intersection of healthcare and machine learning. Tora Hammar, Alisa Lincke, and Olof Björneld presented intriguing discussions on improving predictions of drug-related problems. The subsequent sessions explored the application of deep learning, data mining, and Janusmed Riskprofile in discovering drug-related problems.

The afternoon sessions unfolded with topics ranging from the integration of AI chatbots in academic writing to the challenges public libraries face in the digital age. The day concluded with discussions on green software design and graph visualization scalability.

The evening continued with a conference dinner, providing participants with opportunities for informal networking and further discussions.

Day 2: On mapping water dynamics, forestry and road condition monitoring, and AI-based decision making

The second conference day commenced with Welf Löwe's insights into the developments within DISA/DIA in 2023. Johan Fransson then captivated the audience with a presentation on mapping water dynamics in the forest using radar observations.

Presentation Big Data 2023

The morning continued with discussions on cutting-edge applications of technology in manufacturing, forestry, and road condition monitoring. The lunch break provided attendees with an opportunity to refuel before the afternoon sessions.

The afternoon explored topics such as AI-based decision-support systems for diagnosing corneal disease, personalized health management through IoT and big data, and the role of high-performance computing in the form of ENCCS - The Swedish Competence Center.

The conference ended with a panel talk on "Data Analysis from Above," discussing the implications of analyzing data from a holistic perspective. Welf Löwe officially closed the conference, leaving participants with a plethora of new insights, connections, and ideas to carry into the future.

In retrospect, the conference proved to be a melting pot of knowledge, fostering collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of technology. Participants left with not only a wealth of information but also a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation to contribute to the ongoing technological revolution. The event served as a reminder that the future is being shaped by those at the forefront of innovation, and this conference was a testament to the incredible strides being made in the world of technology.

All presentations were recorded and are available at the conference website.

For more information, please contact Diana Unander, Research and Project Coordinator at DISA.