The participants on the conference

International conference focuses on urban sustainability and change

During two days in October, the conference Sustainable Built Environment and Urban Transition took place at Linnaeus University. The 110 participants from 14 countries in Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe delved into issues of sustainability and urbanization linked to the city.

The conference aims to create a platform where researchers, students, professionals, and experts from different parts of the world share their expertise and different perspectives on issues of city and urbanity linked to sustainable development. Some of the issues addressed at the conference were health and well-being, green spaces, energy efficiency of buildings, green infrastructure, and circular economy in the built environment.

Professor Krushna Mahapatra, Linnaeus University, was conference chair one of the main organizers.

"It has been a good first conference. We have had well-known keynote speakers, and the content has had quite a large focus on research and science#, says Krushna. “But we have also had, for example, employees of municipalities as participants in the conference, and students too, of course.”

“We need to solve problems around the city, its development and future, especially when it comes to sustainability issues. But to solve these problems, we need broad cooperation between different disciplines. We want to contribute to that," concludes professor Krushna Mahapatra.

Linnaeus University organized the conference together with the European University for Well-Being (EUniWell). EUniWell consists of eleven universities from France, Germany Hungary, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Sweden.

One of EUniWell's research arenas hosted the conference: Environment, Urbanity and Well-Being, which brings together researchers on climate change and climate protection to create sustainable, safe, and inclusive environments. The arena took the opportunity to have a physical meeting at Linnaeus University in connection with the conference.

Voices from conference participants:
– Great program!
– It was easy to follow, even though some parts were not really in my area of expertise.
– Many topics that suited me.
– Many exciting discussions and presentations.

The conference area
One of the key-note speakers