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Joint Photogrammetry Workshop at Linnaeus University and Umeå University Facilitates Quick 3D Model Creation

A hybrid focus group of ten participants, evenly split between Växjö and Umeå, recently engaged in a comprehensive photogrammetry workshop organised under the HumInfra initiative.

The event, jointly led by Romain Herault of Linnaeus University, Växjö, and Mattis Lindmark of Umeå University and the HumLab, gave attendees a practical understanding of the photogrammetry process in just 45 minutes.

Commencing at 13:00 and concluding at 16:00, the workshop offered an insightful exploration of the basics of photogrammetry, allowing participants to grasp the essentials of capturing images and transforming them into detailed 3D models. Working closely with industry-standard photogrammetry software, the attendees honed their skills under the guidance of experienced professionals, gaining valuable hands-on experience along the way.

  • "The workshop provided a solid introduction to the world of photogrammetry," shared one of the attendees from the Växjö group.
  • "It was great to learn the essentials and see how quickly we could create our own 3D models."

The event, an integral part of the HumInfra initiative, underscores the growing interest in 3D modelling and highlights the commitment of leading institutions like Linnaeus University and Umeå University to promoting technological literacy. As participants left the workshop equipped with newfound knowledge, it became evident that such initiatives are crucial in preparing individuals for the evolving demands of the contemporary digital landscape.

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