Två manliga studenter sitter i en trappa

Journalism students nominated for Guldspaden

Our students Jacob and Simon are among the finalists for the prestigious award Guldspaden. Every year, the association Grävande Journalister appoint a winner in investigative journalism. Jacob and Simon are nominated in the category Studentspaden for their examination of secret initiation rituals among students, which has been published in Barometern.

They are both studying year three on the programme Journalism and media production and this is what they say about the nomination.

“It’s an honour to be nominated and proof that we have done a good job. However, the most important thing is that our story has shed light on the secret initiation rituals. We cannot let this happen again”, says Simon.

Jacob and Simon got the idea for their article when they took a course in investigative journalism. They had heard rumours about the initiation week and reacted on how those responsible for the initiation week behaved when they started studying at the university.

“I think that what contributed to our nomination is that we managed to come up with a subject that is relatively unexplored, but also that we engaged such a young audience, people who normally don’t read the newspaper. Another thing that probably played a role is that we exposed a problem that the general public may have thought was history”, Jacob explains.

Both Jacob and Simon feel that it would be a huge recognition if they win Studentspaden but agree that the most important thing is that the article was written and published.

“On a personal level as well as professionally, this is a dream to us, and it feels like a great success to even be nominated. If we would end up winning, I don’t know how we would react. It would just be so big”, Jacob concludes.